Beyond Industry Range


We are not only a premier manufacturer of complex and critical Fabrications and Structures for various industries, we also are leaders in the design and manufacture of Tooling and Fixtures. Products include bond Tooling, Product Aids, and Assembly Fixtures, and Jigs.

Additionally, we Design and manufacture Material Handling Equipment.


As workloads become more and more complex the need to handle these loads in the most efficient way has created a great demand for reliable and precise material handling equipment.

W International provides engineering solutions and innovative products to handle the most complex automotive parts we manufacture custom containers for almost every automotive part including many robotic solutions. We can increase your part quality while reducing overall costs though our innovative solutions.


W International manufactures high quality metal components and welded assemblies for commercial equipment OEMs.  We offer the diverse capabilities and processes required to manufacture components for the commercial industry.

Our staff is committed to manufacturing a high quality product that will meet or exceed expectations, is delivered on schedule and ready for production. We understand the unique demands of the commercial industry and will partner with you to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly and your end product is of the highest quality.


W International has built a reputation based on high-quality fabrication. This has provided us with the opportunity to work with the DoD and prime military contractors. We are proud to fabricate components and various assemblies for our service men and women.

W International focuses on quality, customer needs and manufacturing capabilities while providing the ability to respond to changes throughout any program build. We offer design development services, AWS D 1.1 certified welders, program management, precision prototyping, and large volume production capacity. We have proven ourselves as a valuable partner in supporting our armed forces.


W International is committed to advancing and supporting the rapidly growing demand for renewable energy projects. We are honored to utilize our vast array of manufacturing capabilities that will contribute to long-lasting environmental and economic benefits. By machining and fabricating integral components for wind, solar and bio-fuel industries, W International is at the forefront of the green energy initiative